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About Us

What started out as a mothers compassionate quest to find a solution for her teen daughter’s distressful acne dilemma, led to the formation of Zimaxa; a passionate and progressive skincare company.

This supportive Mom, who aptly earned the title ‘Mom Of The Year’ for her relentless pursuit of helping her family, is a pharmacist who has spent over fifteen years formulating skin care products.

Extending the family/business hand to friend/entrepreneur Matt Williams, Zimaxa exemplifies what a modern day family is. Together they bring family values of honesty, integrity and commitment to providing the best range of skincare solutions to consumers.

Zimaxa sources ingredients as close to nature as possible, and invests in extensive research to ensure the best quality products get made.

Each carefully selected product contains the perfect measurement of harmonious ingredients that are required to actually have an effect on your skin. They’re designed to blend key protective anti-oxidants, nourishing botanical extracts and revitalizing bioactive peptides to synergistically work to provide you with the best possible result – beautiful, glowing, healthy skin!

Every product addresses a variety of skin care conditions ranging from aging, hyperpigmentation, skin imperfections, sun damage and any minor skin damage to maintenance and care issues.

At Zimaxa we believe you join our family when you purchase your product or become part of our community.

We are so confident both in our scientifically formulated products and our excellent customer service, that we guarantee you will see dramatic results within 60 days.